Our Children

— 19 environmental portraits of disabled children and the people who love them. “The universal relationship these children have with the people who love them is complicated by disability. Disability isn’t always visible to people outside of the experience. Jennifer’s portraits show the challenges and complications inherent in taking care of a child with disability. […]

Exploding the University

— “Exploding the University is a Summer School for people interested in design’s critical, social and political potential. Inspired by the history of radical learning and informal education — from Greenham Common to Bauhaus, Black Mountain College to the Black Panther Movement, Bristol Construction School to the Workers’ Education Movement- its long- term aim is […]


— J&Y created a series of posters to promote the Graphic Arts & Design visiting lecture series for Leeds Beckett University The approach was a continuation with both experimental and more formal type layout. We were considering the hierarchy of information and the ways in which people view posters not only aesthetically but also how they […]

Festival of the Body

— After our involvement with F= and International Women’s Day in 2016 J&Y were approached to design the look of the Festival of the Body which was to take place throughout March 2017. Visual communication can be very persuasive. Our gender-neutral images alongside bright vibrant colours are used to try and shake the negative connotations surrounding […]