Festival of the Body

After our involvement with F= and International Women’s Day in 2016 J&Y were approached to design the look of the Festival of the Body which was to take place throughout March 2017.

Visual communication can be very persuasive. Our gender-neutral images alongside bright vibrant colours are used to try and shake the negative connotations surrounding feminism. Feminism has been re-appropriated many times in the past, one example of which, that I found interesting was ‘The creation of the ‘suffragette uniform’ and it coordinated appearance in processions, pageants and other forms of spectacle… amidst waves of purple, white and green paraphernalia… brought the movement’s dignity and, above all, femininity to the public eye. This shrewd and manipulative use of fashion and femininity challenged the stereotype of the hysterical, ugly suffragette, and gained the movement support from both press and public.’   I find it funny how we have gone full circle and feminists are again seen as ‘ugly’ and ‘hysterical’

Riot Grrrl and other similar zines from the early 90’s 3rd wave feminism, contain typography that mimics the content. The angry use of angles in the type of Riot Grrrl reflects the angry yet informative content. The hand type we have used on our promotional material for IWD shows the Festival of the Body will be playful and personal yet still influenced by those hand made zines we very much love.

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